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Description of Procedure

Fat injection or grafting has broad applications in cosmetic surgery. The possibility of stem cell transfer to rejuvanate the skin is also exciting and beneficial for anti-aging. Fat injected into areas requiring volume-enhancement and wrinkle treatment produces safe, long-lasting, and natural-appearing results as volume is replaced to tissues where fat is diminished. Fat grafting usually involves harvesting fat from one part of the body and the carefully re-injecting it with specially designed cannulae into the areas requiring augmentation and/or wrinkle treatment. The procedure may need to be repeated to achieve the desired result if needed.

Swelling and bruises, which is commonly seen after fat injection, usually resolves within 10-14 days. The degree of swelling and bruises is most dependent on the amount of fat injected. Most common areas treated are wrinkles around the mouth, lips, and frown lines in between the brows. Cheeck, chin and jaw line restoration are commonly done.

Am I a good candidate for fat Injection?

Patients who benefit from fat grafting are people who desire augmentation or filling of volume-deficient areas or facial wrinkle treatment. The most commonly injected areas include the chin, cheek, jawline, facial hollows, lips, and wrinkles around the mouth.

Generally, patients who are considered for fat injection are in good health. If you have a history of abnormal bleeding or swelling following a procedure you should notify your surgeon. A smoking history should be disclosed to your surgeon. Each patient’s anatomy and proportions vary, and the decision to utilize fat injection techniques depends on the goals of the patient as well as the surgeon.

Fat Injection Standard Procedure Techniques

All patients requesting consideration for fat injection require a thorough pre-procedure evaluation. This may require several visits to your surgeon before the procedure. A full history and physical examination will be performed prior to the procedure. Your surgeon will take pre-procedure photographs, an informed consent will be obtained, and your skin will be marked. Either local (‘twilight’) or general anesthesia may be used, depending on your surgeon’s preference. Fat is harvested using a special suction cannula using sterile technique. Once enough fat is obtained from the donor area, it is then purified. This often requires the use of a centrifuge which spins the fat and removes liqiufied impurities. The fat is then placed into the areas requiring augmentation or wrinkle treatment. The injection cannula is usually passed in and out of the areas to be augmented multiple times. This creates a ‘grid’ of threads of fat graft. The areas that were injected may then be massaged by the surgeon to create a satisfactory contour. Fat Injection Benefits/ Advantages

Fat injection or grafting is a technique that is growing in popularity and reliability. The possibility for stem cell transfer to rejuvenate overlying skin is also rewarding. Fat is one of most well-tolerated fillers available to aesthetic surgeons, and thus has broad applications. It is natural-appearing, lasts a long time, and is safe. It is an effective filler used for changing body contour, wrinkle filler, and rejuvenating the hands and face.

Fat Injection Risks/Complications/Patient Safety

  • Swelling and bruises are the most common post-operative side effect. Most of the swelling/bruises settle down within 10-14 days.
  • Numbness of the skin overlying the donor and injected areas. This is usually temporary.
  • Slight asymmetry or contour irregularity. This usually improves as the swelling resolves.
  • Under or over correction of the defect
  • Infection
  • Loss of fat with resultant failure of the desired augmentation
  • Increasing fullness of treated area(s) with significant weight gain

Fat Injection Recovery Process

No Dressings are placed on the injected areas. Your surgeon may also instruct you regarding a massage program after the procedure. Swelling and bruising usually resolve within 10 to 14 days.

Procedures that may enhance your results may include a Facelift, Forehead Lift / Brow Lift, Eyelid Lift, Lip Enhancement, Botox® Cosmetic, and Nose Reshaping.