You may choose chemical skin peel...…

If you have superficial wrinkles of the face, neck, upper chest, arms and hands
If you have deeper facial wrinkling
If you have uneven pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure, prescription drugs, or disease
If you have enlarged facial pores
If you have superficial acne scars of the face
If you have “age spots” on your face, upper chest, and/or arms and hands
A T.C.A Chemical Skin Peel will enhance your appearance—your skin will be smoother and more youthful and the color will be more uniform.

During your consultation, Dr. Bennett will advise you whether you will achieve the results you desire with a light, moderate, or deep chemical peel. Aggressive chemical skin peels are usually done on an outpatient basis under mild sedation. Lighter peels may be done without any anesthesia. You will return home with specific written instructions on aftercare. After light peels, the treated skin turns red or pink and heals without crusting. Following moderate or deep peels, a superficial crust usually forms and peels off 3 to 7 days later (like a sunburn blister)—revealing a new skin surface that is smoother. The skin redness after deeper peels fades in a month or two.

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